Professional Engineering Review & Report 
Engineering Consulting providing Technical Solutions for Design and Manufacturing Processes.

Market: Product Development & Documentation / Contract Manufacturing / Legal Support


Provide an independent review and report of a product's design, design documentation and associated manufacturing processes with perspective of engineering and manufacturing best practices for assuring a consistent and quality product assembly.

           Mechanical Engineer
Product Development Process Deliverables:
  • Perform an independent review of an assembly's design and documentation, including the associated manufacturing processes for best practices.
  • Provide a comprehensive report of impartial findings which could be referenced in a court of law with the intent of resolving differing views with regard to our client satisfying print requirements and contract obligations with their customer.

  • Provided an engineering report to the client clearly identifying inadequacies and inconsistencies in their customer's design documentation as related to the clients manufacturing support and subsequent vendor support.
  • Identified specific corrective actions in the documentation and manufacturing processes which would avoid contention in the future.