Leaders in Product / Technical Solutions
Engineering and Recruiting Professionals dedicated to providing critical Technical and Employment Services to our clients on a local, regional, and national level.
In today's competitive environment, companies are driven to achieve more, in less time, with reduced resources.

We strive to help our clients meet the challenges of attaining their dynamic business and organizational objectives through filling existing resource gaps, and building strong relationships throughout their organization.

Product Development • Engineering • Marketing • Operation / Manufacturing

Core Value to Client:

• Increased Internal Capacities
• Creative & Robust New Product Solutions
• Speed to Market
• Cost Reductions
• Design for Manufacturability
• Improved Operational Efficiencies

Engineered Solutions Inc, will provide technical support as an extension of your existing Product Development / Engineering Functions or Project Teams. We can also provide full services, acting as your technical team including all administrative and document control services. Our support can be provided at any stage throughout your Project and Development Process.