Solutions to Septic System Problems - Aero-Stream® Remediator
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Market: Consumer Products / Home Improvement & Maintenance / Green Technologies


Develop an alternative solution to remedy a failing residential septic system that is cost effective, simple and environmentally friendly.

      Solution to Septic Problems  Engineering Solutions to Septic Tank Problems

Product Development Process Deliverables:
  • Research Root cause of septic septic problems.
  • Research existing water and wastewater treatment processes.
  • Conceptualize process applications and combinations thereof.
  • Field test septic system restoration processes.
  • Select process and design supporting equipment and methods.
  • Develop business model for sales and distribution
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  • Released septic system remediation process and equipment that permanently resolves the root cause of septic tank problems.
  • Resolves failure issue saving customer over 93% ($14,000 average) as compared to alternative solution of complete system replacement.
  • Process awarded three US Patents with additional US and International patents pending.
  • Obtained Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing for electro-mechanical process equipment.
  • Obtained State approval for wastewater treatment and remediation process.
  • Developed ozone generating equipment and process for treating spa/hot tubs, water and wastewater systems.
  • Developed North America internet marketing and sales program.
  • Developed convention distribution/dealer network