Automotive - Trailer Jack
Providing Design Engineering and Program Management to individual Inventors and Entrepreneurs.

Market:  Automotive Aftermarket / Trailer Manufacturing OEM


Develop a foot actuated hydraulic jack for trailer applications.

           Automotive Engineering Service Firm
Product Development Process Deliverables:
  • Competitive product research - matrix of competitor & traditional product features and benefits.
  • Product specification development consistent with application.
  • Research of industry standards.
  • Initial concept solutions.
  • Mechanical and hydraulic system solutions to exceed product specifications.
  • CAD models and drawings for components and assemblies
  • Prototypes for concept validation.
  • Component and assembly sourcing support.

  • Improved base design for functionality, performance, compactness and cost.
  • Successful functioning proof of concept prototype.
  • Significantly extended patent protection through contributed design solutions.
  • CAD models and drawings.