Molding Transport / Material Handling Cart
Engineering Solutions and Process Engineering and Process Development providing clients Manufacturing Cost Reductions.

Market: Industrial, Material Handling / Equipment Design


Develop a material handling cart to be used in the selection, segregation and transport of architectural wood molding from inventory to the final customer, eliminating redundant handling and reducing labor and in process handling damage.

           Process Engineering
                           Process Engineering Services
Product Development Process Engineering Deliverables:
  • Interview facility staff across the organization to establish project opportunities and constraints.
  • Provide multiple (3-4) concept solutions for evaluation.
  • Provide flexible design allowing for cart expansion & contraction accommodating changing shipment volumes.
  • Provide complete CAD models and drawings of the preferred solution for prototyping and costing.
  • Support field evaluation as needed.

  • Preferred solution prototyped and under field evaluation.
  • Design enhancements to be applied following evaluation.