Cold Engine Testing - Test Stand Development
Machine Design and Tool Design support supporting Product Validation.

Market: Industrial / Manufacturing / Machine Design / Instrumentation


Development of a two cycle marine engine power-head test stand for validating proper engine assembly and key performance characteristics early in the assembly process.


Product Development Process Deliverables:
  • Researched and identified existing technologies for the base contactor which could be customized for the application.
  • Base mechanical machine design including engine mounting, drive system, engine lubrication, guarding and sensor mounting.
  • CAD models and drawings of all components and assemblies.
  • Supplier support on selected fabricated components.
  • Review/support of initial equipment startup.

  • Successful and on time completion and startup of the initial test stand.
  • Developed test diagnostics by client used in identifying power heads with component and assembly performance issues early in the manufacturing cycle.
  • Subsequent build and installation of a second test stand.